Hi, I'm Eduardo

I'm a web developer from Spain, currently living in New Caledonia. If you are hiring or just want to know more about my work, be welcome and take a look.

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Definition as developer

This is how I would summarize my main interest points in software development.

React specialist for professional projects

In most of my professional projects the front-end framework used was React.js, however I have also worked with others like Svelte, Stencil, Angular...

Passionate about JavaScript fundamentals

I aim to have a good knowledge of the programming language I mostly use as a developer. I consider my handbook for thisYou Don't Know JS book series by Kyle Simpson.

Problem-solving coding

In my free time I enjoy algorithm and small coding problems where I can apply that pure-JavaScript knowledge. I usually do this on Leetcode and CodeWars.

I always try to keep up with what goes on in dev community at the same time as I deepen my knowledge of foundations of web development.

See some of my work

Some stuff I made

Here there are some samples of personal projects I have done based on different technologies.

Screenshot of photo presentation gift app

Photo presentation gift

This is a small photo presentation web app I made for the 31st birthday of my brother. I took the chance to try Svelte as front-end framework for the first time.

Screenshot of CPU workload monitoring app

Workload monitoring app

Simple application monitoring CPU's workload. The original implementation included a small server along with the front end, made with React. Here that server has been replaced by a lambda function.

Screenshot of diagram explaining collaboration app application

Collaboration tool full-stack

In this tool the front-end framework was React plus Material UI as component library and the back end was implemented using Google Cloud services like Firebase (Back-end architecture diagram inside).

For smaller pieces of coding I do daily, you can check out my profile on Codepen where I test out ideas or libraries with small bites of UI.

See my colleagues' opinions

Some opinions about my work

Here there is a list of opinions from previous colleagues of mine with whom I shared teams in the past. All these are available in my LinkedIn profile.

Daniel Kastenholz

Freelance Software Engineer

Ioannis Makris

Google Cloud Architect | Associate Manager - Google Practice at Accenture

Marcel Kiczynski

IT Delivery Lead bei E.ON Digital Technology

Alyssia Gordon

Senior Manager at Accenture

Tim Schwalbe

"Data is the new oil"

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If you like what you see, let's have a conversation! I understand Spanish, English or French. For other languages I have Google translate.